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We enjoy providing our visitors with 100% unique content about website scripting, programming, robotics and artificial intelligence along with associated technology.

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About Scripted Intelligence

What is Scripted Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence at this time is coded using various programming languages, therefore artificial intelligence is actually Scripted Intelligence for the core has to be scripted by a programmer. I built this site to honor all types of artificial intelligence, from Chat Bots to home automation all the way to Autonomous robotics, and all associated tech in-between.

I also added features to the website in light that one day it will be a form of a community hub where artificial intelligence, home automation, robotics, and programming enthusiast can get together, help others, show off there work and share there ideas and knowledge.

Our goal

Here at Scripted Intelligence our goal is to give our visitors a web experience unmatched by others. By utilizing quality standards and leading edge technology to deliver content, and feedback to ensure us your visit will be enjoyable and memorable.

html5&css3 To help us accomplish this we built the core of our site based on HTML5 and CSS3, which provides a plethora of standardized features and functions. Enjoy a responsive layout, it adapts to the widths of the viewing devise. Yes you can view our site even on your smart phone :~) Also our site displays on all_browsers all current browsers.

Team S.I.

Team S.I. is a small group of my friends that are community leaders in the world of artificial intelligence that are willing to help Scripted Intelligence reach it's goals, and help with the website with it's content and activities in there spare time.

There help will always be appreciated and never forgotten. No words on this world can express my gratitude to them all.


Trinity is a creation of mine, programmed for Scripted Intelligence visitors entertainment. Trinity the fortune teller is still at this time under construction, and Trinity Chat Bots brain is always being expanded.

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Scripted Intelligence Forum is a great place to get help, help others, or just casual chat. Feel free to stop on by and post, for as always we would love to hear from you.