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Many researchers in artificial intelligence have developed a wide range of programming languages for artificial intelligence such as Lisp, Ipl, prolog, strips, planner, and pop-11 and so on. Let us take a brief look at each of them. This will help us in understanding them:

  • IPL- this is the first language produced by researchers. It includes so many features like schemas, including lists, general problem solving, data types, dynamic memory allocation, associations, associative retrieval, recursion, cooperative multitasking, generators, and functions as arguments.
  • Lisp- this is purely a mathematical symbolic representation for computer programs and software. Its essential data structures is the Linked lists, even its source code is composed of lists. Lisp programs are capable of manipulating the source code; thereby allowing programmers to create domain-specific and new syntax programming languages. A crucial look at the world will reveal to you that there are a lot of dialects being used presently; they include Clojure, scheme, and common lisp.
  • Prolog- prolog is purely a declarative language; in this case the easiest way to express programs is through relations; by constant running of queries on these relations. You can use prolog both for language parsing applications, database and symbolic reasoning. The fact here is that prolog is an essential factor in artificial intelligence.
  • Strips- this language is very necessary in expressing problem instances, and automated planning. Additionally, it expresses goal states, an initial state as well as a set of actions and post conditions.
  • Planner- this is a mixture of logical and procedural languages; always explaining implications with pattern-directed inference.
  • Pop-11- this is a language with so many features; it is an incrementally arranged programming language, a reflective and interpretative language. It emerged from the University of Sussex, and the school of computer science. Currently, its official website is being hosted by University of Birmingham. You can use Pop-11 to introduce symbolic programming. It is also used by people that find it more helpful than Lisp. This language is used widely because of its first Class functions.

Artificial intelligence is also written in great languages such as mathematical languages or languages with C++, for example Lush and MATLAB.

Artificial intelligence is one of the greatest hurdles for scientists. Many of them keep working hard so as to make sure that machines work just like humans. When you look at some of the work of these scientists, you will marvel at such great work of science- typically, it shows that intelligence is possible.

For example, some robots behave like humans, to the extent that you may doubt if they were ordinary robots. Artificial intelligence is something that is daily inspiring the young ones to make outstanding research in the field of sciences.

Some works of artificial intelligence sounds miraculous. All we are saying is that all these artificial intelligence languages helps in enhancing science and technology. To cut the long story, artificial intelligence is the knowledge exhibited by software or machines. It is a part of the computer science and information technology.

Some experts in this field defines it as comprehensive study as well as design of intelligent system-in this case, an intelligent agent will look around at the environment and perform actions it has been structured to do.

This term was the brainchild of John McCarthy, and according to him, artificial intelligent is the engineering and science of making intelligent software or machines. Some of these machines are designed in such a way that they can communicate with each other successfully. The languages discussed above help these intelligent agents to work and interact with each other in unique ways!

Last modified on Sunday, 04 August 2013 01:53
Donald Nadeau

is a Artificial Intelligence, Home Automation, Robotics, and Programming enthusiast. Donald is also the CEO of SyberShot Studios, and owner of ScriptedIntelligence.com and QuantumOculus.com

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