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Chat Bots Part 2

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Chat bots are a computer or web based program that simulates conversation in a variety of ways. Chat bots do not comprehend what you are saying, but they have a pattern-based system, as well as a brain that responds to the language.

One of the advantages of the artificial intelligence is that it has good languages- this helps you in understanding what these intelligent agents are saying. This article will provide you with some of the reasons why artificial intelligent should be used, and the role of the chat bots in seeing to the fulfillment of this ambition.

Chat bots will continue to communicate with people as the programming allows. At many times, they have been known as the embodiment of Turing’s test. Turing test is one of the good things that emerge in computer studies, and to a great extent, it offers a comprehensive analysis on the importance of artificial intelligence, which is there to assist humans in their everyday life

Artificial intelligence can be used for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Avatar movements
  • Guided tours
  • Web scraping
  • Chat bots
  • Instant messaging
  • Facebook updates
  • Twitter updates
  • Emotion engine
  • The art of learning from the environment and so on.

The web scraping helps in providing answers to myriads of questions; responding to queries and building replies. Chat bots will respond to conversations via chat. They are simple to use- they are not as difficult as people think

It could be fun chatting with a bot over a computer screen, who may or not introduce itself. Then your respond will be in a form of questions or statements.

When you ask your questions or make the statements, the chat bot will immediately consult with its programming language or knowledge base before offering you a reply. The conversation will keep progressing as long as it is useful or interesting for humans.

If you browse through the internet, you will surely discover that there are a wide range of chat bots, but some chat bots are particularly unique. They are essentially created for fun, and they contains internet information services, interactive games, e-commerce agents, web site guides, and so on. Some bots are designed in a way that they can only provide particular information or handle specific dialogues.

Chat bots are capable of recognizing phrases, keywords, as well as handle whole sentences. There is a engine underneath it, which helps it to follow certain logical principles. The bots today are much more sophisticated than previous predecessors, and they are always expanding there capabilities.

Those that have not chatted with a chat bot before may not know there importance. There has been an argument among scientists concerning chat bots and avatars, some keep saying that the former is more useful than the latter.

Well, the truth is that both are useful, but the former was the first to be introduced into the scenario, while the second is the latest innovation. As the latest innovation, it has enduring features that enhance the first- this is what now makes chat bot more life like.

In the final analysis, chat bots has come to stay, and will surely remain a great tool that will aid our communication with machine. To get more information on this, feel free to read our other web pages any time any day, and you will be amazed on the volume of information you will get!

Last modified on Saturday, 10 August 2013 07:35
Donald Nadeau

is a Artificial Intelligence, Home Automation, Robotics, and Programming enthusiast. Donald is also the CEO of SyberShot Studios, and owner of ScriptedIntelligence.com and QuantumOculus.com

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