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Advancements in science and technology have given rise to the emergence of artificial intelligence. Today, it is possible for computers to behave like human beings or to depict some human-like actions.

Originally, artificial intelligence was coined by the great scientist, John McCarthy in 1955 at the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His discovery gave rise to severe debates, some people acclaimed his predictions while others are of the view that his scientific postulations were faulty.

Whether the second group was right, the fact remains that artificial intelligence has come to stay, and will surely upgrade the human knowledge from where it is presently to an astonishing pace in near future.

Artificial intelligence is a wide area of study, which involves: game playing, expert systems, neural networks, natural language as well as robotics. Computers are now able to respond to sensory stimuli.

The emergence of artificial intelligence has changed the way we view things, and has enhanced our level of communication with computer software or machines. Artificial intelligence is all about the actions or calculated behaviors of intelligent agents.

It is a calculated behavior because these machines cannot perform actions out of their own making. Anything they do will be what they have been configured or designed to do- their actions are deeply systematic and accurate. Artificial intelligence is one of the wonderful expressions of wonders of science.

Despite these achievements, there is no computer that will be able to act the exact way humans do, the only thing they will do is to perform some of actions attributed to humans, but not all the actions. The greatest successes recorded seem to be in the field of games playing.

We can’t negate the fact that computers can only perform limited tasks. Robotics can assemble plants and objects if it is configured to do so, and it will do so the exact time and manner it was configured to do so. But robotics are still at this time incapable of fully identifying objects through feel or appearance, but they can recognize through pattern matching and move these objects.

People can interact or communicate with computers with voice recognition installed without the help of artificial intelligence. To do this, all you need to do is walk to the computer and talk to it; it is that simple and convenient.

However, programming computers to the extent that they can understand and interpret natural languages is not an easy task as some people thought. There are some systems that can interpret or translate a language, but they are not capable of doing this.

More so, voice recognition systems can convert a verbal word into a literary format, though they will not understand what they are doing. They are able to do this, because they have been designed to do so. They follow dictation- in this case; you are required to speak distinctly and slowly.

In the 80s, many people believed that expert systems represent the future of computers in general. But what we are still seeing today shows that they have not lived up to what are expected of them. Though we will not negate the fact that artificial intelligence has helped in certain fields like engineering, medicine and other helpful circumstances.

Neutral network is said to be the most debated area in artificial intelligence, and it has successfully helped in other vital areas like the natural-language processing and voice recognition.

Artificial intelligence has a wide range of programming languages, and these languages are relevant in its applications. We shall not bore you with further analysis on this, but keep in mind that prolog and Lisp are most common examples of it.

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Donald Nadeau

is a Artificial Intelligence, Home Automation, Robotics, and Programming enthusiast. Donald is also the CEO of SyberShot Studios, and owner of ScriptedIntelligence.com and QuantumOculus.com

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