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Quantum Computing

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Quantum computing is possible; it's only a matter of time before further technological breakthrough will prove this fact. This is an emerging science that goes beyond the confines of conventional physics.

Some scientists are of the opinion that quantum computing will be a possibility, while others are saying that it will never see the light of the day. However, recent developments in science and technology show that the possibility of having quantum computers is near.

Science tells us that in the next decades, it will be able to deliver computing work beyond what modern computers can do presently.

Today, almost all of us are amazed when we look at the power of the internet, digital cameras, CCTV and so on. Currently, it is not possible to process everything that a person does on the planet earth, but quantum computer will be able to do so within few years.

All these possibilities weren’t possible many years ago, but science and technology has come to revolutionize and upgrade the power of the computer and our usage of internet and other technical devices.

Conventional computers contain millions and even billions of transistors, which can be either turned on or off. They process data with the help of bits or binary digits; they work harmoniously with qubits or quantum bits. Thus, it is important to note that quantum computers are more powerful than its digital or conventional counterparts.

The great scientist, Niel Bohr once exclaimed that if a person is not shocked by quantum theory, it means that he or she does not truly understood it. Quantum computers are capable of manipulating already processed and stored data in hidden qubits, they can perform parallel processing in an efficient manner.

Thus, with quantum computers, it will be very easy to perform the following tasks like artificial intelligence processing, medical diagnosis, vision recognition and so on. They can do so beyond the capability of human beings and conventional computers.

Research about quantum computing is still under-way, even though a Canadian firm announced as far back as 2007 the emergence of commercially veritable quantum computer, which was based on 16 qubit processor.

Their quantum computer was seen performing a wide range of tasks such as creating a sophisticated seating plan and playing Sudoku. Some people were so skeptical about their claims till when Google announced there involvement with this firm in the development of quantum computing algorithms.

Quantum computers are necessary for image recognition purposes. Further research has proved that it is possible to recognize automobiles in photography’s using a quantum computer, using traditional or conventional computers to do this would not be viable.

From the look of things, quantum computer will be a possibility in few years from now, because scientists have done a lot of amazing research on this. It can detect any form of online security system.

Furthermore, some research about quantum computing was carried out in Oxford University at the wake of 2011. In this research, both low temperatures and magnetic fields were used, and the results had been amazing.

Only very few rich people or big firms will be able to afford quantum computers, because the price will be highly exorbitant. Good news about quantum computer is that it can generate both social and business value through its insightful interlinkage.

If you wish to know more about quantum computing, feel free to read more about it in our Quantum Computer article section, or even visit our Quantum Computer forum section and start a discussion. All these will give you a better understanding of it.

This article is an honest attempt in exposing some essential key facts about quantum computing. Humanity will never regret having quantum computing, because it will open door to lots of possibilities!

Last modified on Sunday, 18 August 2013 21:31
Donald Nadeau

is a Artificial Intelligence, Home Automation, Robotics, and Programming enthusiast. Donald is also the CEO of SyberShot Studios, and owner of ScriptedIntelligence.com and QuantumOculus.com

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