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Mind Mappng

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There are so many uses for mind mapping, that it is quickly gaining attention by a vast amount of people and industries. It can be used to improve just about anything you want to improve, and can be a valuable tool to gain a edge and a huge advantage within ones industry. The question is are you mind mapping?

Mind mapping is a great method to enhance your brain power.
It is a method one uses that allows one to get creative by creating a pictorial diagram, interconnecting another method called brain storming.

To begin a mind map one only needs something to write on like say a white board and something to write with, but there are programs out there as well that allow you to use just about any type of computer devise ranging from a desktop all the way down to a state of the art cell phone that allows you to create a mind map.

To give you a basic example of how to create a mind map, I want you to pick a main category any subject will do. Now draw 3 circles vertically on a piece of paper and connect each one with a line. Within the top circle write down your selected main category. For the following circle the one in the center, fill it in with a sub category within the same subject of the main category. Finally for the last circle think of a sub category that is within the same subject of the center circles category.

To expand on this one could easily add more sub categories to continue branching off any of the 3 circles. One could even use different shapes and/or colors to represent different depth levels of each sub category allowing for a quicker visual reference.

I use a wide variety of mind maps that I have created daily. They assist me in so many ways and give me a valuable edge within my personal life and with the business industry. Here are are just some of the areas where mind mapping may just give you that needed edge that you have been looking for.

  • Life management
  • physical fitness
  • Event planning
  • Research and Analysis
  • marketing
  • Website planning and Navigation
  • Blogging
  • IT management
  • Presentations
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Product development
  • SEO mapping
  • Strategic planning

What are you waiting for? Start researching how mind mapping can give you that valuable edge in a area of your life or industry that your looking to improve on today.

Donald Nadeau

is a Artificial Intelligence, Home Automation, Robotics, and Programming enthusiast. Donald is also the CEO of SyberShot Studios, and owner of ScriptedIntelligence.com and QuantumOculus.com

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